When I introduce death as my graduate thesis topic, most people respond awkwardly, apprehensively, but still intrigued. As existential adults go through major life changes (taking care of aging family, starting families of their own...) they begin to start thinking about their own lives and inevitable mortality. Naturally, this causes A LOT of anxiety.
I believe in comfort through conversation and knowledge. By looking at death through varied lenses (scientific, religious, cultural, historical, etc.), death talk goes from something that we shy away from to something that sparks interest and deeper conversations about death AND life. 
PostMortem translates to "after death". I aim to demystify death through diverse lenses in a series of educational videos hosted on a Youtube channel. We'll look at death from different angles so diverse audiences discover ideologies about death that they find comfort in.
As of now I'm reaching out to professionals for research and hands on experience to fuel this content. Videos and content expected to come very soon!

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